Toba Supervolcano – The Possible Effects Of It Eruption You Should Know

What did you know about a supervolcano? This term is used to define a volcano that has 8 rated eruption magnitude (which is the highest magnitude and the most devastating). There are two supervolcanoes, Toba Mountain in Indonesia and Yellowstone in the United States. According to geology, both of the mountains have exploded a long time ago. And the effect was dreadful. How about the future? check this Toba Supervolcano eruption possible effect.

The Devastating Ash Eruption 

Volcano eruption is not only about the lava, but you have to think about the ash. Why? Because the supervolcano is highly explosive, much magma may just have blasted away into countless airborne ash particles. This tiny, jagged, and scorching particles can be the main cause of the biggest killer. At the same time, this small particle can be blown by wind so it spread further, while magma in lava form mostly affects the surrounding. 

The worst effect because of the ash is people and animals slowly die or sick because of inhaling the cement-like mixture particle. Not only that, but the thick pile ash can also crumble building, disrupt the air, road, and rail transportation, contaminating water supplies, clog machinery, kill crops and other vegetation, and many more effects. As an example, the Yellowstone explosion will fall across Europe in 3-4 days. 

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The World Wide Climate Change 

Toba supervolcano eruptionYou may wonder about the Toba Supervolcano vs Yellowstone, which is the most dangerous? While the last Yellowstone eruption is around 640 thousand years ago and to 74 thousand years, maybe the Toba cycle is still far from the due. However, Toba is surrounded by most populated countries like India, Indonesia, and many others. So we don’t know when it will erupt and what the future devastating effects are.

Since the volcano has a very high magnitude, that means it has a big explosion that affects a large area. But it is also having many concentrations toward the atmosphere. One of them is Sulphuric acid aerosols which can spread around the globe in a short time. This sulphuric aerosol formed from the Sulphur gas that spewed from the mountain. The effect? Climate cooling right after the explosion around the globe.

At the same time, the sulphuric aerosol of Toba Supervolcano or Yellowstone blast will block the sunlight, makes the sky cloudy most of the time and less light will affect crop lives. According to the precious blast, the temperature drop could last 6 – 10 years to the future in all the hemisphere regions. Later it will make a lack of monsoon, which will affect food supplies in Asian countries. Causing mass starvation and high death rates. 

The massive explosion of this supervolcano cannot be predicted. The biggest bang, highly possible to change the earth. From the temperature to the food and water supplies. While it is hard to predict, one thing for sure that the explosion will take as many life and ill health of humans, animals, and plants. Never the less, the change will cause major economic losses and many others. This explosion will happen someday; you better know it to anticipate.

The Largest Volcano Eruption for Past Twenty Century

The largest volcano eruption occurs in the most beautiful country in Southeast Asia; Indonesia. The country has a rich archipelago with countless flora and fauna. The climate is perfect for farming and agriculture. But the most blessing is that the country is rich in volcano. Indonesia is a country with the most active ring fire. The largest volcano eruption ever noted occurred in this very country. On 10 April 1815, Tambora erupted the biggest volcanic content on the planet. The event was the largest within the past 10,000 years. 

That day was a dark day for the land and also many other nations in the world. The volcano erupted more than 50 cubic kilometers of magma. The giant eruption formed a 6 km wide and 1250 m deep caldera. The eruption even created a drastic impact on the global climate. Because of the bad weather conditions, there were many direct victims due to this eruption. More than 100,000 people died because of the direct eruption and also illness that was caused by the climate crisis. 

With the thick volcanic dust that covered the sky for weeks and months, the climate changed drastically causing a major failure in agriculture in various nations. People suffered from starvation. In addition, the eruption also caused a terrible weather condition which increases the outbreak of viruses that eventually lead to dangerous sickness. 

The History of the largest volcano eruption

The supermassive Tambora stratovolcano creates a 60 km wide Sanggar Peninsula. It is located on the northern Sumbawa Island. The mountain was actually 4,000 m high before its first giant explosion. The summit was destroyed in a tremendous eruption more than 43,000 years ago. The early caldera was filled with lava flows until 10,000 years ago. After the flow completed, the volcano changed its activity with explosive eruptions. The explosion reached its culmination in the mammoth eruption in 1815.

largest volcano eruption

Tambora Stratovolcano

50 to 150 cubic km of magma was erupted in 1815. The measurement reached 7 on the VEI scale. The altitude of its Plinian eruption column reached more than 40 km. A large amount of ash, volcanic gas and aerosol ware is thrown into the stratosphere. At that tragic event, pyroclastic flowed all sides of the sea around the peninsula. In addition, a huge amount of tephra fell on croplands. Approximately 60,000 fatalities occurred and all villages around the volcano were buried deep in thick pumice drop. In such terrible conditions, a tsunami of 10 meters high might have occurred due to the volcanic earthquake. 

Not much of the settlements could be brought into the light. However, archeologists started the excavation for showing the remaining after that massive devastation. The site is then called the Pompeii of Indonesia due to the same disaster that occurred in both places. 

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The largest volcano eruption with such a huge death toll living on Sumbawa is a history that does not only leave impacts for the island but also to many other continents. Even other lands around the coastal area also got a terrible effect due to the explosion. The fatalities expand indirectly because the condition affected the global climate. 

The year of 1816 became a year without a summer. Many European countries suffered from a severe famine. The indirect death toll reached 100,000 people. There are many theories concerning climate change in Europe due to the largest volcano eruption. One reason is that the increase of absorption of sunlight as the sky was veiled by aerosols and volcanic dust. The deposit consisted of H2SO3 that was formed by the So2 release. The tall eruption column dispersed around both hemispheres. That was why the climate changed to occur in Asia and also European countries. 

Because sunlight could not pass through the volcanic dust deposit, the global temperatures dropped as much as 3 degrees Celsius. The year was a gloomy year since it had no summer and the temperature dropped that much. However, the climate started to get recovered. 

Another largest volcano eruption that occurred the past twenty centuries is the Novarupta volcano eruption in 1912. The volcano was on the Alaska Peninsula. It is estimated that 15 cubic kilometers of magma erupted on June 6th. The eruption occurred for 60 hours. That was a long duration of eruption that made it possible to throw magma and other volcanic substance that is equivalent to 230 years of Kilauea volcano in Hawaii. 

Because of the remote area, the mountain did not get much attention. Scientists did not explore the site until 1918. They then found the Ukak River valley. The river was full of volcanic deposits. The valley is famous as the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes. The largest volcano eruption created amazing natural conditions and landscapes. Today, we will be able to visit the remaining. Some of the volcanoes have gone through an evolution. The results are breathtaking. We can include the volcano trekking trip in our bucket list so we can witness the huge and breathtaking nature. 

Mount Krakatau
Mount Krakatau

Mount Krakatau Tour; The Trip You will Never Forget

Mount Krakatau History

Mount Krakatoa has been a natural phenomenon ever since. The main volcano of Krakatau or Krakatoa erupted and exploded long time ago. The even caused a massive change in human life and history. The world lost its days for a long period of time. More than 35,000 people died in the eruption in 1883. The remaining volcano that we see today is only the tip of the volcano that had been disappeared due to the massive explosion. Today, Mount Krakatau is a very exotic tour destination that will leave a deep impact to all visitors. 

When people feel like this modern world is too stressful, Mount Krakatau tour will be a great place to escape. People can include this itinerary when taking Java tour package. The location is reachable from Bali, Jakarta, or even Surabaya. Tourists need to visit the volcano at least once in a life time. The serene and majestic atmosphere around the mount will refresh our mind instantly. The area produces huge number of negative ions that can release our stresses. In addition, the beauty of Krakatoa will make us simply grateful with life. 

Mount Krakatoa Tourism

Besides the scientific background, it is surely beautiful to see Mount Krakatoa from the natural beauty side. Located in the middle of the sea, Mount Krakatoa is a unique phenomenon. We will love to ride a boat or even a traditional boat. While going on the way to the mount, people will love to spend the time for getting pleasure with the lustrous view. 

Mount Krakatau

Mount Krakatau

Mos of the time, people feel that to visit a volcano, especially the active ones, will be dangerous. But the challenge will give an even better feeling. Additionally, people will need to take the chance so they can enjoy a different kind of a trip. Besides, the area is safe when the authority does not put the forbidden sign. As long as the guided tour is open, the Mount Krakatoa tourism is secured. 

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It is most comfortable to visit the place from Jakarta, the closest airport and pick up point. Tourists will be picked up by a private car and professional driver. The driver is able to pick the clients up anywhere by request. The private tour is designed to give an optimum satisfaction. The trip will not be offered for other clients. Therefore, tourists will enjoy their time more peacefully. The trip will not limit the time so visitors can be there as long as they want. 

This is a guided tour so people can enjoy the trip better. The professional tour guides will serve for excellent satisfaction. The guides are all experienced and have passed a series of tests for license. It is essential for tourists to get a trusted tour and traveling agency so they can get guides that are members of Indonesia tourist guide association. The information that visitors need will be explained well by the guides. The professional guides speak English and other languages very well. 

Mount Krakatoa tour or Mount krakatoa tourism ujung kulon is located around Carita beach. Thus, the meeting point and departure to Krakatoa is Carita Beach. Tourists will depart from Marina Lippo Carita or other spots around the place to kick off to the famous Krakatau and Ujung Kulon National Park. If you go there by your own cars, you do not have to worry about its security since the meeting point is guarded. It is part of the service and the price is included. 

If you think that the trip to Krakatoa is a boring trekking tour, you are wrong. You will get a new experience while visiting the place. It is a spot that used to be a center of super massive explosion in the past. The eruption was 10,000 stronger than the atomic bomb that even occurred in our universe. Just being there is already amazing. Besides, people can extend the trip to Ujung Kulon National Park. After that, Panaitan Island is waiting for people who love surfing. 

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Mount Krakatau trip will also be a perfect tour as people take Baduy trip. It will give people a deep impression in the heart as they visit the Baduy location. The traditional tribe cannot live in modernity, they live in isolation because of their value. Visitors are not able to enter the real location of their living in the middle of the forest. Yet, it is still possible to trace their location until the possible point. 

A trip to Mount Krakatau is surely a tour that enriches our heart. It will be good to take this trip for obtaining refreshment before going back to work. The trip includes a nice walking and boating. It will be a package of trip that people will never forget. Search the information through Click the site and make your life valuable with Krakatau trip.

Mount Batur Trekking
Mount Batur Trekking

Mount batur trekking; Witnessing the Most Breathtaking and World’s Largest Caldera

Mount batur trekking Trip

Mount batur trekking is always included in Bali tour itinerary. Whether it is local tourists or the international guests, Mount Batur trip is always one of the most admirable. The destination is even a great choice for its delicacies. It is not only wonderful for the tasty buffet served in various restaurants around but also excellent for the view. Many restaurants of Mount Batur trip are located by the cliff. It enables visitors to dine with the view of Batur Mount. Also, the wind will fall upon nicely so it will be romantic and fun to eat lunch outdoor. 

Even though most mount batur trekking is not usually offered for a honeymoon trip, people can opt for the trekking package for exploring Bali in a different point of view. Most people will love to take a tour around the beach to try all the excitement with Bali water sport. Some others love to go to the nearest island and do diving or snorkeling. Bali is always attractive for the temples and traditional village. However, one thing that people need to explore more is the active volcano: Mount Batur. Mount Batur tour gives people an enjoyable time in Bali sacred mount. People will get closer to the beautiful volcano. The view from the top is surely breathtaking. The sun bursting scenic view from the trekking route will give people a priceless peaceful feeling. 

Mount batur trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

People can always have options when it is for Bali vacation. Mount Batur tour is definitely one of the best choices. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency. Beginners will be able to join the trip since the mountain is only 1717 meters high. Trekkers do not have to own a license or an expertise to try this Mt Batur trekking package. The mountain will be conquered within 1,5 to 2 hours. 

The trekking route is also easy to pass so people do not have to worry about the hardship. The peak is reachable even for those who never did mount climbing before. However, people do need to be sure that they are physically ready. 

What is so interesting about this mountain is the view of tropical forest. Also, people will get amazed with the Batur Caldera. The caldera reaches 13.8 x 10 km. That is enough to make this caldera the largest in the entire universe. It is thus easy to see the amazing scenery of the surrounding place from the caldera. Even the caldera is the unique feature that makes the mountain more gorgeous(Also read this: Bali Bromo Tour). 

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Bali is popular for the non-stop entertainment facility. It is a sleepless island which will make every minute worth paying. Mount batur trekking also serves the same enjoyment. People will love to take mount batur sunrise trekking since it will give them chances to get pleasure in Bali earlier. The trip is stated at around 03.00 in the morning. That is a perfect time to leave for the trekking. Around 5 o’clock, trekkers will reach the top of the mountain. People can just sit on the view point and wait for the sunrise peacefully. 

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

Along the trekking route, people can inhale fresh air and feel the natural breeze comfortably. It will not be to hard to climb up the view point and people can still get pleasure in the pretty scenery from the route. When the sun bursting out the Bali sky, it should be the most enchanting sunrise that the trekkers ever seen. The hues of colors will be different each morning. Yet, the tangerine and yellow shine will always calm people down and leave people in the most peaceful feeling as they walk down the trekking path. 

To be the highest point of Mount Batur will be a superb experience that every trekker treasure. It will be like standing on the top of the world. The white clouds overlay the surrounding makes the ground look like the paradise over the clouds. From distance, another peak of Mount Abang looks inviting as well. Taking picture with sunrise as the background will be one of the best things that makes Mount Batur trip worth struggling. 

After the trip is over, trekkers can get relaxed on the way down from the peak. It will be cool to enjoy a light breakfast with the fellow trekkers. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the sunrise tour in Mount Batur. People will be able to really feel the essence of nature in the tour package. During the trekking, the view of Kintamani with its mesmerizing natural scenery will show people how Bali is that amazing. Also, traditional villages, trees, and even forest scenic view will make people fully contented with this Mount batur trekking. Go to to book your package.

Bali Bromo Tour
Bali Bromo Tour

Bali Bromo Tour; Tips for Conquering Bali, Bromo, and Ijen Volcano

Bali Bromo Tour: What to expect

Bali Bromo Tour will be like the dream outdoor tour for every tourist. There are various different attractions offered in Bali and Bromo. Mainly, Bali offers luxurious amenities. Indeed, there will be cultural attractions like dances, songs, music, and traditional villages in Bali. Tourists can even enjoy romantic culinary experience in any Bali’s corners. Besides, the natural scenery is vividly beautiful in Bali. It is like a heaven on earth that tourists dream of. Meanwhile, in Bromo tourists will change their journey into a trekking trip. It is not exactly a hiking tour to the summit of a volcano. Yet, people will get lost in the prettiness of nature within the National Park. 

Bali Bromo Tour is available for tourists who want to enjoy luxury and the art of traveling at the same time. Bromo is located in East Java, the island that is only a cross away from Bali. Once tourists take the package, they need to only get relaxed and prepare their physical condition. In addition, tourists have to be sure that they get prepared with the clothes. Bali is prominent for its hot and humid temperature. The island is rich in beaches and other marine attractions. Even the plantation and farming areas of Bali are hot. Meanwhile, Bromo is rather cold and the temperature can drop unpredictably. That is why, tourists have to get ready with both warm and cool clothes. 

Bali Bromo Tour: How to Get There 

There is a simple reason why the two locations are offered within one package. East Java is located on the tip of Bali island. Travelers can take a ferry boat and arrive in East Java in several hours only. They do not have to book a flight to reach East Java. So, in the package of Bali Bromo Tour, the tour agency will serve a comfortable air-conditioned car with an expert driver. Tourists will find it cool to go to East Java by car. They can take a rest and enjoy the scenery along the trip. 

Bali Bromo Tour

Bali Bromo Tour

It is possible for travelers to go to Bromo without the package offered by the travel agency. However, for those who are first timers, taking a bus to East Java will be a little tiring. Besides, people need to use a good planner for booking various amenities that they need. The price will thus be higher compared to the package that is offered by the professional tour companies. So, traveling solo does not mean that the cost will be cheaper. 

Bali Bromo Tour: What to Include

Going straight from Bali to Bromo will be beautiful experience for everyone. However, it will be more worth it to drop by Ijen volcano before leaving for Bromo. Ijen is located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It is the nearest location from the port; right after the ferry boat arrived in East Java. Ijen is a majestic volcano with Blue Fire, turquoise lake, and traditional sulfur miners which will give tourists unforgettable moments. The trip offers a midnight soft trekking to hunt the beautiful Blue Fire. 

Bromo ijen tour from bali is not only a super comfortable package for people who love nature. The trip will let tourists know the different sides of Indonesia. The exotic view of Bali and the invaluable culture of Indonesia is served in a more dramatic way in Ijen. Bali Bromo Tour is rich with lesson for life. People can contemplate while standing by the acid lake in Ijen. Also, they will learn from the humble miners. 

Bali Bromo Tour : Conclusion

After spending a day in Ijen and enjoy the midnight trip wonderfully, tourists can take a good rest in the nearest hotel. When they are done, the driver and guide will take them to the beautiful Bromo. Bromo is always tempting because of its beautiful view. The sunrise in Bromo looks like the magical sunrise over a heaven; which tourists find nowhere else in the entire universe. 

In Bromo, midnight trip is definitely the most breathtaking one since tourists can get pleasure in the stargazing itinerary. After that, tourists can wait for the sunrise while seeing the golden light coming through the sheer clouds over some volcanoes around the same National Park complex. The sea of sand, the green savanna, and the cultural events in Bromo are all unmissable. 

For those who admire a compact trip with nature, culture, and luxury, Bali Bromo Tour is the perfect choice. People can enjoy culture and luxury in Bali. After that, the natural contemplation will be obtained around Ijen volcano. And Bromo offers unending beauty of nature scenery and landscape. It is recommended that tourists take a package from an experienced travel agency. Before choosing a certain tour agency, tourists can compare the prices for the best deal. Besides, they need to discuss the schedule as well as the itineraries. Tailoring the itinerary to meet some requirements is important. Contact the online agency for consulting the best itinerary. Click

bromo ijen tour from bali
bromo ijen tour from bali

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali: A Volcano Tour for Sunset Hunters

Mount Bromo is one of the most popular volcano tour destinations in Indonesia, if not, in the world. Mount Bromo offers some attractions, which may not be available from any other volcanoes.

It is also a popular midnight tour destination. Why? Ijen crater in the National Park of Bromo Ijen offers an outstanding view during the sunrise. Different tour packages, including Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali, are now available to answer the travelers’ craving for the wonderful experience.

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali: What to Do and See

The time and energy you spend to take Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali are worthy the experience you will enjoy. There are some wonderful destinations you cannot miss while visiting Bromo and Ijen. The following are some of them:

Spectacular Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Taking a midnight tour to Mount Bromo will be a wonderful experience for you. Mount Bromo is a popular spot for sunrise and sunset hunter. The views are unbeatable. If you are lucky to have both the sunset and the sunrise views, it will be an unforgettable travel experience.

bromo ijen tour from bali

bromo ijen tour from bali

However, the thrill of visiting Mount Bromo does not begin when you arrive at the peak or the crater. Instead, the thrilling experience begins since you are on the way to hike the mountain up. Make sure not to miss the following experience:

  • Riding Jeep or Hardtop Car to cross the sea of sand, which looks like a desert
  • Madakaripura Waterfalls
  • The Savannah, popularly known as Teletubbies hills

These are usually included in the services when taking Bromo Ijen tour from Bali. Make sure to check the travel agent first. You will enjoy the peak excitement during the sunrise. You might never imagine the beauty of Milky Way phenomenon here! Thousands of volcano travelers visit Mount Bromo repeatedly for this attraction.

The Marvelous Blue Fire at Mount Ijen

Another spectacular sunrise view is offered by Mount Ijen. By taking Bromo Ijen tour from Bali, you do not need to think of how to get to Ijen crater, as the travel agent will take care of everything and make sure you enjoy the trip and the hike. Along the way, you will be amazed with the views of clove and coffee plantation and the rainforest. The 2,468-ha natural reserve is home to various species of wildlife and rare trees.

When you arrive at the Park Ranger post, the hike will begin. It usually takes 90 minutes to get to Ijen Crater. The lake offers wonderful view of eerie color and smoke that wafts from the yellow sulfur deposits. These make the landscape barren but vibrantly alive. You might never imagine that there are local miners, who mine the sulfurs manually here, right? Yes, they are there! Challenge your nerve to see them from the proximity!

The main attraction at Ijen also begins during sunset. The outstanding mountain panorama always successfully amazes the travelers.  Take a closer look, but still within the safe distance, to see the popular Blue Fire of Mount Ijen.

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How to Take Bromo Ijen Tour Package

There are many tour packages to the National Park of Bromo and Ijen. Of course, you do not need to go to Malang or Banyuwangi to get them, thanks to availability of online ticket and packages to the destination. You can book online and request the services and destinations to visit. The tour duration varies widely. However, at least two nights and three days of travel are necessary if you want to see the wonderful sunrise views on these two mounts.

The following are popular itinerary of Bromo Ijen tour package. There may be some variations, depending upon the tour duration and the travelers’ requests:

  • Day 1: Bali – Mount Bromo: You will cross to eastern tip of Java Island from Gilimanuk Harbor in Bali. Taking a hotel stay in Mount Bromo is a great idea if you want to hunt for the sunset or sunrise.  
  • Day 2: Mount Bromo – Banyuwangi: Descending from the peak of Mount Bromo, you will go through a trip to Banyuwangi, where you will hike to Ijen Crater at midnight. 
  • Day 3: Ijen Crater – Bali

Descending from Ijen Crater, you can take some time to stop at the local miners’ shack. While having a short rest, you can get more information on sulfur mining here. After breakfast and checkout, you enjoy the return trip to Bali.

The longer your visit is, the more destinations you can see. There are some interesting destinations around Mount Bromo and Ijen. Therefore, make sure to allocate enough time for the wonderful volcano tour, and book your package in advance for interesting price offers!

Volcano Tour: Mt. Etna
Volcano Tour: Mt. Etna

Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy; Heritage Sites Covered in Precious History

Italy is a romantic tour destination which will give people unforgettable experience. It is a country with various tour spots. Even, every corner of the country is wonderful. People can just leave for Italy without plans and still find the place awesome. Many ancient buildings and heritage sites will make tourists lost in time. The pretty architecture and the ancient streets make the journey last so beautifully.

Not to mention the culinary which is popular all over the world. Biting a real pizza from the home and see beautiful people roam the street will be more than rewarding. However, Italy tour will be more than that. People do need to see Italy from different perspective by taking Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy.

It is popular to visit Venice to see the magical gondola and feel the romantic view along the water canal. It is also amazing to be in Verona, the city of Rome and Juliet. We also love to learn the ancient civilization of Italy through the heritage ruins. And thus, it will be stunning to visit the core where all the prosperity and amazing civilization of Italy were started; the volcanoes.

Going to volcanoes offers exciting experience for people will do outdoor activities. It will include soft trekking in the outdoor locations. Therefore, taking Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius requires energetic mood as well as excitement. In addition, people need to get prepared with the important essentials such as trekking shoes and proper clothing for handling the outdoor locations, landscape, and temperature at the same time.

In addition, people need to get informed with the accommodation. Leaving to volcanoes does not mean that tourists have to stay out overnight. They can see from the itinerary that the journey will take some hours or half of the day before going back to the hotel.

Volcano Tour: Ruined Roman City of Herculaneum

Volcano Tour: Ruined Roman City of Herculaneum

Tourists can usually get to two or more destinations within one trip. For instance, at the day of Mount Vesuvius visit, tourists will go to Herculaneum World Heritage site and Mount Vesuvius as one itinerary. The first stop is the ruined Roman City of Herculaneum. The site is located at the base of Mount Vesuvius. It is the world Heritage Site which was buried due to the volcano eruption in 79 AD.

It will be unforgettable to visit this site. This World Heritage Site was buried deep and it took thousand year to reveal the place once more. Due to the exceptional preservation with the thick pyroclastic deposits, many organic based objects are preserved. It is amazing to see the ruins are still there and many objects are stoned. People will be able to experience and trace back in times while seeing the site.

When it is listed as a visit to Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, it means tourists will spend some hours visiting the heritage sites. Technically, the tourists can go to the volcano in the afternoon. It takes a short trip with a tour bus to reach Parco Nationale del Vusuvio. From that site, tourists can take a walk to go to Mount Vesuvius.

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Tourists will love to peer into the crater of the volcano. The magnificent scenery over the Naple city is one of the most breathtaking in the entire Italy. After that, tourists will need to take a good rest in the Naples Hotels and other hotels around. It will be more exciting to experience the Pompeii World Heritage site in Naples.

The ruins od Pompeii due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD is one of the most mysterious phenomena in the world. Tourists have to spend more time to visit since the area is much bigger compared to the previous Herculaneum. The tour will start in the morning and some free time in the afternoon to visit the Historic Centre of Naples.

Meanwhile, Mt. Etna is waiting for tourists with its gorgeous scenery. The place is set on the eastern coast of Sicily. This volcano is the tallest among volcanoes in Europe. Also, people should know that this volcano is the most active one in the entire universe. The volcano is the center of Sicilian history due to the power and impacts on the areas.

The volcano is a great site for tourists to explore mountain crater and lava fields as well. Tourists can do trekking, hiking, riding, and even taking cable car to go up Mount Etna. It is possible to take a full day trip or half day tour from the city of Catania. Tourists can also take the trip from Taormina and Messina. Indeed, this trip requires much energy and excellent body fitness because people will need to reach 8,200 feet spot. From that point, people can join guided hiking ours or take 4×4 outdoor tours. Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy is surely gorgeous itineraries to include in Italy tours.

Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcano Tour
Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcano Tour

Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcano Tour: Enjoy The Real Thrill!

Can you imagine touring the world’s largest active volcano? It must be challenging your nerve, right? Take Mauna Loa and Kilauea Volcano Tour to get some wonderful experience. Located in Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, Hawaii, these two volcanoes are especially attractive. Kilauea is one of the most active volcanoes in the world. Meanwhile, Mauna Loa is the world’s biggest volcanoes. Together, these two volcanoes provide you with an experience of visiting the world’s most active and largest volcanoes!

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Mayon Volcano Tour
Mayon Volcano Tour

Mayon Volcano Tour Brings You to the Postcard-Grade Landscape

Mayon Volcano represents a perfect shape of a mountain. Imagine when you kids draw the sketch of a mountain. It will most likely look like Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines. The mountain is really symmetric. Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. The last time it erupted was last year, when it splurged lava to the heights of up to 500 meters. Taking Mayon Volcano Tour, you will see a perfect mountain just like your imagination.

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Kelimutu Volcano Tour
Kelimutu Volcano Tour

Kelimutu Volcano Tour: Visit The Wonderful 3-Colored Twin Lakes

Flores Island, Indonesia, has a wonderful volcano, namely Kelimutu. Its last eruption was in 1968, but the volcano is still active. Unlike other volcanoes, which are spitting fires and brimstone, Kelimutu has two beautifully colored lakes. The lakes are especially interesting as the glacial color may change from green, to black, or muddy red, depending upon the volcanic activities.

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