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Bali Bromo Tour; Tips for Conquering Bali, Bromo, and Ijen Volcano

Bali Bromo Tour

Bali Bromo Tour: What to expect

Bali Bromo Tour will be like the dream outdoor tour for every tourist. There are various different attractions offered in Bali and Bromo. Mainly, Bali offers luxurious amenities. Indeed, there will be cultural attractions like dances, songs, music, and traditional villages in Bali. Tourists can even enjoy romantic culinary experience in any Bali’s corners. Besides, the natural scenery is vividly beautiful in Bali. It is like a heaven on earth that tourists dream of. Meanwhile, in Bromo tourists will change their journey into a trekking trip. It is not exactly a hiking tour to the summit of a volcano. Yet, people will get lost in the prettiness of nature within the National Park. 

Bali Bromo Tour is available for tourists who want to enjoy luxury and the art of traveling at the same time. Bromo is located in East Java, the island that is only a cross away from Bali. Once tourists take the package, they need to only get relaxed and prepare their physical condition. In addition, tourists have to be sure that they get prepared with the clothes. Bali is prominent for its hot and humid temperature. The island is rich in beaches and other marine attractions. Even the plantation and farming areas of Bali are hot. Meanwhile, Bromo is rather cold and the temperature can drop unpredictably. That is why, tourists have to get ready with both warm and cool clothes. 

Bali Bromo Tour: How to Get There 

There is a simple reason why the two locations are offered within one package. East Java is located on the tip of Bali island. Travelers can take a ferry boat and arrive in East Java in several hours only. They do not have to book a flight to reach East Java. So, in the package of Bali Bromo Tour, the tour agency will serve a comfortable air-conditioned car with an expert driver. Tourists will find it cool to go to East Java by car. They can take a rest and enjoy the scenery along the trip. 

Bali Bromo Tour

Bali Bromo Tour

It is possible for travelers to go to Bromo without the package offered by the travel agency. However, for those who are first timers, taking a bus to East Java will be a little tiring. Besides, people need to use a good planner for booking various amenities that they need. The price will thus be higher compared to the package that is offered by the professional tour companies. So, traveling solo does not mean that the cost will be cheaper. 

Bali Bromo Tour: What to Include

Going straight from Bali to Bromo will be beautiful experience for everyone. However, it will be more worth it to drop by Ijen volcano before leaving for Bromo. Ijen is located between Banyuwangi and Bondowoso. It is the nearest location from the port; right after the ferry boat arrived in East Java. Ijen is a majestic volcano with Blue Fire, turquoise lake, and traditional sulfur miners which will give tourists unforgettable moments. The trip offers a midnight soft trekking to hunt the beautiful Blue Fire. 

Bromo ijen tour from bali is not only a super comfortable package for people who love nature. The trip will let tourists know the different sides of Indonesia. The exotic view of Bali and the invaluable culture of Indonesia is served in a more dramatic way in Ijen. Bali Bromo Tour is rich with lesson for life. People can contemplate while standing by the acid lake in Ijen. Also, they will learn from the humble miners. 

Bali Bromo Tour : Conclusion

After spending a day in Ijen and enjoy the midnight trip wonderfully, tourists can take a good rest in the nearest hotel. When they are done, the driver and guide will take them to the beautiful Bromo. Bromo is always tempting because of its beautiful view. The sunrise in Bromo looks like the magical sunrise over a heaven; which tourists find nowhere else in the entire universe. 

In Bromo, midnight trip is definitely the most breathtaking one since tourists can get pleasure in the stargazing itinerary. After that, tourists can wait for the sunrise while seeing the golden light coming through the sheer clouds over some volcanoes around the same National Park complex. The sea of sand, the green savanna, and the cultural events in Bromo are all unmissable. 

For those who admire a compact trip with nature, culture, and luxury, Bali Bromo Tour is the perfect choice. People can enjoy culture and luxury in Bali. After that, the natural contemplation will be obtained around Ijen volcano. And Bromo offers unending beauty of nature scenery and landscape. It is recommended that tourists take a package from an experienced travel agency. Before choosing a certain tour agency, tourists can compare the prices for the best deal. Besides, they need to discuss the schedule as well as the itineraries. Tailoring the itinerary to meet some requirements is important. Contact the online agency for consulting the best itinerary. Click tourvolcanesperu.com.

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