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Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali: A Volcano Tour for Sunset Hunters

bromo ijen tour from bali

Mount Bromo is one of the most popular volcano tour destinations in Indonesia, if not, in the world. Mount Bromo offers some attractions, which may not be available from any other volcanoes.

It is also a popular midnight tour destination. Why? Ijen crater in the National Park of Bromo Ijen offers an outstanding view during the sunrise. Different tour packages, including Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali, are now available to answer the travelers’ craving for the wonderful experience.

Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali: What to Do and See

The time and energy you spend to take Bromo Ijen Tour from Bali are worthy the experience you will enjoy. There are some wonderful destinations you cannot miss while visiting Bromo and Ijen. The following are some of them:

Spectacular Sunrise at Mount Bromo

Taking a midnight tour to Mount Bromo will be a wonderful experience for you. Mount Bromo is a popular spot for sunrise and sunset hunter. The views are unbeatable. If you are lucky to have both the sunset and the sunrise views, it will be an unforgettable travel experience.

bromo ijen tour from bali

bromo ijen tour from bali

However, the thrill of visiting Mount Bromo does not begin when you arrive at the peak or the crater. Instead, the thrilling experience begins since you are on the way to hike the mountain up. Make sure not to miss the following experience:

  • Riding Jeep or Hardtop Car to cross the sea of sand, which looks like a desert
  • Madakaripura Waterfalls
  • The Savannah, popularly known as Teletubbies hills

These are usually included in the services when taking Bromo Ijen tour from Bali. Make sure to check the travel agent first. You will enjoy the peak excitement during the sunrise. You might never imagine the beauty of Milky Way phenomenon here! Thousands of volcano travelers visit Mount Bromo repeatedly for this attraction.

The Marvelous Blue Fire at Mount Ijen

Another spectacular sunrise view is offered by Mount Ijen. By taking Bromo Ijen tour from Bali, you do not need to think of how to get to Ijen crater, as the travel agent will take care of everything and make sure you enjoy the trip and the hike. Along the way, you will be amazed with the views of clove and coffee plantation and the rainforest. The 2,468-ha natural reserve is home to various species of wildlife and rare trees.

When you arrive at the Park Ranger post, the hike will begin. It usually takes 90 minutes to get to Ijen Crater. The lake offers wonderful view of eerie color and smoke that wafts from the yellow sulfur deposits. These make the landscape barren but vibrantly alive. You might never imagine that there are local miners, who mine the sulfurs manually here, right? Yes, they are there! Challenge your nerve to see them from the proximity!

The main attraction at Ijen also begins during sunset. The outstanding mountain panorama always successfully amazes the travelers.  Take a closer look, but still within the safe distance, to see the popular Blue Fire of Mount Ijen.

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How to Take Bromo Ijen Tour Package

There are many tour packages to the National Park of Bromo and Ijen. Of course, you do not need to go to Malang or Banyuwangi to get them, thanks to availability of online ticket and packages to the destination. You can book online and request the services and destinations to visit. The tour duration varies widely. However, at least two nights and three days of travel are necessary if you want to see the wonderful sunrise views on these two mounts.

The following are popular itinerary of Bromo Ijen tour package. There may be some variations, depending upon the tour duration and the travelers’ requests:

  • Day 1: Bali – Mount Bromo: You will cross to eastern tip of Java Island from Gilimanuk Harbor in Bali. Taking a hotel stay in Mount Bromo is a great idea if you want to hunt for the sunset or sunrise.  
  • Day 2: Mount Bromo – Banyuwangi: Descending from the peak of Mount Bromo, you will go through a trip to Banyuwangi, where you will hike to Ijen Crater at midnight. 
  • Day 3: Ijen Crater – Bali

Descending from Ijen Crater, you can take some time to stop at the local miners’ shack. While having a short rest, you can get more information on sulfur mining here. After breakfast and checkout, you enjoy the return trip to Bali.

The longer your visit is, the more destinations you can see. There are some interesting destinations around Mount Bromo and Ijen. Therefore, make sure to allocate enough time for the wonderful volcano tour, and book your package in advance for interesting price offers!

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