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Kelimutu Volcano Tour: Visit The Wonderful 3-Colored Twin Lakes

Kelimutu Volcano Tour

Flores Island, Indonesia, has a wonderful volcano, namely Kelimutu. Its last eruption was in 1968, but the volcano is still active. Unlike other volcanoes, which are spitting fires and brimstone, Kelimutu has two beautifully colored lakes. The lakes are especially interesting as the glacial color may change from green, to black, or muddy red, depending upon the volcanic activities.

Unless the volcano erupts again, the beautiful natural lakes on its summit will be there forever. So, if you are really a volcano tourist, make sure to visit the nature wonder at least once in your lifetime.


The Wonder of Kelimutu Volcano Tour

Kelimutu volcano is a part of Kelimutu National Park in Indonesia. It is located on a mountainous area, where Mount Kelibara is the highest one, with a height of 1.731 meters. The following are things you will not miss when taking Kelimutu Volcano Tour:


3-Colored Twin Lakes

The National Park has twin lakes, namely Tiwu Ata Polo and Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai lakes. The lakes are associated with some myths. The local people believe that when the two lakes are combined, the results are terrific disasters. They also believe that the lakes are homes to deceased souls.

Kelimutu Volcano Tour

Kelimutu Volcano Tour

Found in 1915, Tiwu Ata Polo and Tiwu Nuwa Muri Koo Fai are known as 3-colored lakes.  They are actually volcanic craters formed during the phreatic eruption in the past. The twin lakes with their changing colors become the main attraction in Kelimutu National Park.



The National Park also includes a reservation area, called Arboretum, where various species of flora and fauna live. The 4,5 ha forest has at least 100 species in 36 families of plants, some of which are endemic of Kelimutu. They include dan turuwara (Rhondodenron renschianum) and uta onga (Begonia kelimutunesis).

Endemic animals in Kelimutu include gerugiwa bird (Monarcha sp), which is known to have 11 different voices. Other animals include various species


When and How to Take Kelimutu Volcano Tour

A number of travel agents in Indonesia offer Kelimutu tour packages. International travel operators also offer interesting packages. A number of travel website puts Kelimutu in the top 5 must-visit volcanoes in the world. Nonetheless, you had better visited Kelimutu in the right season.


Wet season in Indonesia usually goes from May to September. However, taking Kelimutu Volcano Tour in July and August may be associated with high tourist seasons. To get the stunning sunrise views around the lakes, make sure to go trekking early in the morning. Bring flashlight and other sources of light to help you during the trip.


Hiking up the Kelimutu volcano begins at Moni village. Most tourists, who are hunting the wonderful sunrise around the twin lakes, stay here. From Moni Village, it takes about 30 minutes of hike to arrive at the summit. Make sure to wear comfortable shows and jackets. Other must-have supplies are drinking water and snacks.  This can be a tough hike for beginners. Overall, Kelimutu Volcano Tour is just stunning. Try it!