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Mayon Volcano Tour Brings You to the Postcard-Grade Landscape

Mayon Volcano Tour

Mayon Volcano represents a perfect shape of a mountain. Imagine when you kids draw the sketch of a mountain. It will most likely look like Mayon Volcano, Albay, Philippines. The mountain is really symmetric. Mayon is the most active volcano in the Philippines. The last time it erupted was last year, when it splurged lava to the heights of up to 500 meters. Taking Mayon Volcano Tour, you will see a perfect mountain just like your imagination.

Things to Do in Mayon Volcano Tour

ATV Ride

The most popular and iconic type of activities in Mayon Volcano Tour is ATV ride. This must be a thrilling activity for any volcano tourists and adventurers. A number of local agents offer ATV tour packages to Mayon volcano. Every ATV vehicle is usually for a single driver.

ATV Ride to Mayon Tour will take you through different terrains, from gullies, fallen rock, and rivers. Imagine riding an ATV crossing a river while the mountain stands tenaciously in front of you. It must be a wonderfully thrilling activity, right? In fact, these trails are in their natural condition. The activity is a available for tourists of any age, including children aged 7 years or more. However, children below 6 years are not allowed join the adventure.

Mayon Volcano Tour

Mayon Volcano Tour

Taking Postcard-Grade Photos

More interestingly, Mayon Volcano tour allows you to see a number of interesting spots along the journey. They include Cagsawa Ruins pak in Darage Town. The park features the remnants of the Cagsawa Church, as it was damaged due to the volcanic eruption in 1814. Here, you will see wonderful views that are postcard-grade.


Nearby Activities

Albay, where Mount Mayon is located, has a number of interesting destinations. They include the newest attraction, Sumlang Lake, which is known for wonderful sunset view. Albay has a mountainous topography. Therefore, it has a number of waterfalls, which are ideal for water-fall-hopping activity.

Furthermore, do not miss nerve-challenging activities like zip-lining and green hill hiking. Do you love boat tours? Head to Albay Gulf to enjoy the activity. You can also go jet skiing, snorkeling, diving, and kayaking around the gulf.


How to Take ATV Ride in Mayon Volcano Tour

The best time to take Mayon Volcano tour is when it is ‘sleeping.’ Of course, you need to confirm its condition before taking a tour package. When the volcano is calm, May to November is an ideal time to visit, as you will probably avoid the rainy season. In September or October, the climate may not be friendly enough, and you may not be able to see the 8,081 feet-height volcano in its best.

Given the nature of adventure to Mayon Volcano, the following tips may help you avoid unnecessary discomfort:

  • Change clothes, as you will cross streams and your clothes may get wet;
  • Prepare action-friendly camera to take pictures at the best moments when you cross the terrain. GoPro or Olympus Tough may be the choice.
  • Enough drinking water and foods

Mayon Volcano Tour is currently not available for travelers, due to the mountain’s activity. However, when it is open to public, make sure not to miss the thrilling activity of riding an ATV to get closer to Mont Mayon.