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Mount batur trekking; Witnessing the Most Breathtaking and World’s Largest Caldera

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount batur trekking Trip

Mount batur trekking is always included in Bali tour itinerary. Whether it is local tourists or the international guests, Mount Batur trip is always one of the most admirable. The destination is even a great choice for its delicacies. It is not only wonderful for the tasty buffet served in various restaurants around but also excellent for the view. Many restaurants of Mount Batur trip are located by the cliff. It enables visitors to dine with the view of Batur Mount. Also, the wind will fall upon nicely so it will be romantic and fun to eat lunch outdoor. 

Even though most mount batur trekking is not usually offered for a honeymoon trip, people can opt for the trekking package for exploring Bali in a different point of view. Most people will love to take a tour around the beach to try all the excitement with Bali water sport. Some others love to go to the nearest island and do diving or snorkeling. Bali is always attractive for the temples and traditional village. However, one thing that people need to explore more is the active volcano: Mount Batur. Mount Batur tour gives people an enjoyable time in Bali sacred mount. People will get closer to the beautiful volcano. The view from the top is surely breathtaking. The sun bursting scenic view from the trekking route will give people a priceless peaceful feeling. 

Mount batur trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

People can always have options when it is for Bali vacation. Mount Batur tour is definitely one of the best choices. Mount Batur is an active volcano located in Kintamani, Bangli Regency. Beginners will be able to join the trip since the mountain is only 1717 meters high. Trekkers do not have to own a license or an expertise to try this Mt Batur trekking package. The mountain will be conquered within 1,5 to 2 hours. 

The trekking route is also easy to pass so people do not have to worry about the hardship. The peak is reachable even for those who never did mount climbing before. However, people do need to be sure that they are physically ready. 

What is so interesting about this mountain is the view of tropical forest. Also, people will get amazed with the Batur Caldera. The caldera reaches 13.8 x 10 km. That is enough to make this caldera the largest in the entire universe. It is thus easy to see the amazing scenery of the surrounding place from the caldera. Even the caldera is the unique feature that makes the mountain more gorgeous(Also read this: Bali Bromo Tour). 

Mount Batur Sunrise Trekking

Bali is popular for the non-stop entertainment facility. It is a sleepless island which will make every minute worth paying. Mount batur trekking also serves the same enjoyment. People will love to take mount batur sunrise trekking since it will give them chances to get pleasure in Bali earlier. The trip is stated at around 03.00 in the morning. That is a perfect time to leave for the trekking. Around 5 o’clock, trekkers will reach the top of the mountain. People can just sit on the view point and wait for the sunrise peacefully. 

Mount Batur Trekking

Mount Batur Trekking

Along the trekking route, people can inhale fresh air and feel the natural breeze comfortably. It will not be to hard to climb up the view point and people can still get pleasure in the pretty scenery from the route. When the sun bursting out the Bali sky, it should be the most enchanting sunrise that the trekkers ever seen. The hues of colors will be different each morning. Yet, the tangerine and yellow shine will always calm people down and leave people in the most peaceful feeling as they walk down the trekking path. 

To be the highest point of Mount Batur will be a superb experience that every trekker treasure. It will be like standing on the top of the world. The white clouds overlay the surrounding makes the ground look like the paradise over the clouds. From distance, another peak of Mount Abang looks inviting as well. Taking picture with sunrise as the background will be one of the best things that makes Mount Batur trip worth struggling. 

After the trip is over, trekkers can get relaxed on the way down from the peak. It will be cool to enjoy a light breakfast with the fellow trekkers. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the sunrise tour in Mount Batur. People will be able to really feel the essence of nature in the tour package. During the trekking, the view of Kintamani with its mesmerizing natural scenery will show people how Bali is that amazing. Also, traditional villages, trees, and even forest scenic view will make people fully contented with this Mount batur trekking. Go to to book your package.

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