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Toba Supervolcano – The Possible Effects Of It Eruption You Should Know

What did you know about a supervolcano? This term is used to define a volcano that has 8 rated eruption magnitude (which is the highest magnitude and the most devastating). There are two supervolcanoes, Toba Mountain in Indonesia and Yellowstone in the United States. According to geology, both of the mountains have exploded a long time ago. And the effect was dreadful. How about the future? check this Toba Supervolcano eruption possible effect.

The Devastating Ash Eruption 

Volcano eruption is not only about the lava, but you have to think about the ash. Why? Because the supervolcano is highly explosive, much magma may just have blasted away into countless airborne ash particles. This tiny, jagged, and scorching particles can be the main cause of the biggest killer. At the same time, this small particle can be blown by wind so it spread further, while magma in lava form mostly affects the surrounding. 

The worst effect because of the ash is people and animals slowly die or sick because of inhaling the cement-like mixture particle. Not only that, but the thick pile ash can also crumble building, disrupt the air, road, and rail transportation, contaminating water supplies, clog machinery, kill crops and other vegetation, and many more effects. As an example, the Yellowstone explosion will fall across Europe in 3-4 days. 

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The World Wide Climate Change 

Toba supervolcano eruptionYou may wonder about the Toba Supervolcano vs Yellowstone, which is the most dangerous? While the last Yellowstone eruption is around 640 thousand years ago and to 74 thousand years, maybe the Toba cycle is still far from the due. However, Toba is surrounded by most populated countries like India, Indonesia, and many others. So we don’t know when it will erupt and what the future devastating effects are.

Since the volcano has a very high magnitude, that means it has a big explosion that affects a large area. But it is also having many concentrations toward the atmosphere. One of them is Sulphuric acid aerosols which can spread around the globe in a short time. This sulphuric aerosol formed from the Sulphur gas that spewed from the mountain. The effect? Climate cooling right after the explosion around the globe.

At the same time, the sulphuric aerosol of Toba Supervolcano or Yellowstone blast will block the sunlight, makes the sky cloudy most of the time and less light will affect crop lives. According to the precious blast, the temperature drop could last 6 – 10 years to the future in all the hemisphere regions. Later it will make a lack of monsoon, which will affect food supplies in Asian countries. Causing mass starvation and high death rates. 

The massive explosion of this supervolcano cannot be predicted. The biggest bang, highly possible to change the earth. From the temperature to the food and water supplies. While it is hard to predict, one thing for sure that the explosion will take as many life and ill health of humans, animals, and plants. Never the less, the change will cause major economic losses and many others. This explosion will happen someday; you better know it to anticipate.

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