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Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy; Heritage Sites Covered in Precious History

Volcano Tour: Mt. Etna

Italy is a romantic tour destination which will give people unforgettable experience. It is a country with various tour spots. Even, every corner of the country is wonderful. People can just leave for Italy without plans and still find the place awesome. Many ancient buildings and heritage sites will make tourists lost in time. The pretty architecture and the ancient streets make the journey last so beautifully.

Not to mention the culinary which is popular all over the world. Biting a real pizza from the home and see beautiful people roam the street will be more than rewarding. However, Italy tour will be more than that. People do need to see Italy from different perspective by taking Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy.

It is popular to visit Venice to see the magical gondola and feel the romantic view along the water canal. It is also amazing to be in Verona, the city of Rome and Juliet. We also love to learn the ancient civilization of Italy through the heritage ruins. And thus, it will be stunning to visit the core where all the prosperity and amazing civilization of Italy were started; the volcanoes.

Going to volcanoes offers exciting experience for people will do outdoor activities. It will include soft trekking in the outdoor locations. Therefore, taking Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius requires energetic mood as well as excitement. In addition, people need to get prepared with the important essentials such as trekking shoes and proper clothing for handling the outdoor locations, landscape, and temperature at the same time.

In addition, people need to get informed with the accommodation. Leaving to volcanoes does not mean that tourists have to stay out overnight. They can see from the itinerary that the journey will take some hours or half of the day before going back to the hotel.

Volcano Tour: Ruined Roman City of Herculaneum

Volcano Tour: Ruined Roman City of Herculaneum

Tourists can usually get to two or more destinations within one trip. For instance, at the day of Mount Vesuvius visit, tourists will go to Herculaneum World Heritage site and Mount Vesuvius as one itinerary. The first stop is the ruined Roman City of Herculaneum. The site is located at the base of Mount Vesuvius. It is the world Heritage Site which was buried due to the volcano eruption in 79 AD.

It will be unforgettable to visit this site. This World Heritage Site was buried deep and it took thousand year to reveal the place once more. Due to the exceptional preservation with the thick pyroclastic deposits, many organic based objects are preserved. It is amazing to see the ruins are still there and many objects are stoned. People will be able to experience and trace back in times while seeing the site.

When it is listed as a visit to Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy, it means tourists will spend some hours visiting the heritage sites. Technically, the tourists can go to the volcano in the afternoon. It takes a short trip with a tour bus to reach Parco Nationale del Vusuvio. From that site, tourists can take a walk to go to Mount Vesuvius.

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Tourists will love to peer into the crater of the volcano. The magnificent scenery over the Naple city is one of the most breathtaking in the entire Italy. After that, tourists will need to take a good rest in the Naples Hotels and other hotels around. It will be more exciting to experience the Pompeii World Heritage site in Naples.

The ruins od Pompeii due to the eruption of Mt Vesuvius in 79 AD is one of the most mysterious phenomena in the world. Tourists have to spend more time to visit since the area is much bigger compared to the previous Herculaneum. The tour will start in the morning and some free time in the afternoon to visit the Historic Centre of Naples.

Meanwhile, Mt. Etna is waiting for tourists with its gorgeous scenery. The place is set on the eastern coast of Sicily. This volcano is the tallest among volcanoes in Europe. Also, people should know that this volcano is the most active one in the entire universe. The volcano is the center of Sicilian history due to the power and impacts on the areas.

The volcano is a great site for tourists to explore mountain crater and lava fields as well. Tourists can do trekking, hiking, riding, and even taking cable car to go up Mount Etna. It is possible to take a full day trip or half day tour from the city of Catania. Tourists can also take the trip from Taormina and Messina. Indeed, this trip requires much energy and excellent body fitness because people will need to reach 8,200 feet spot. From that point, people can join guided hiking ours or take 4×4 outdoor tours. Volcano Tour to Mt. Etna and Mt. Vesuvius, Italy is surely gorgeous itineraries to include in Italy tours.

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